On CCTV, A Killer Filmed Stabbing Delhi Woman Arrested In Mumbai

Today, a man who was caught stabbing a 21 year old girl to death on CCTV in North East Delhi was arrested from Mumbai.


On a security camera’s Adil, 23, was seen from a neighbourhood stabbing a woman in broad daylight on the road outside her house. On Friday the woman died in hospital.


Two other men have also been arrested who helped him in escaping Delhi after he committed the suicide said by the Police.


From the video of Tuesday evening showed the man quarreling with the woman outside her home as he lunges at her with a knife. Into a doorway they both disappear.
He has a criminal record and earlier cases against him include car theft said by Police.

The woman's parents said that Adil had been stalking her for a year. The accused, according to the police had left Delhi and returned to the city on the same day that he stabbed her.
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