CBI Complaints, Fake Chinese Spares For India-Made Bofors Guns

Parts of Cheap Chinese passed off as “Made in Germnay” to the production line has found their way of Indian-made Bofors artillery guns used by Army which is called as Dhanush, to file the case against a Delhi based company by CBI.

With the Indian Army the Indian-made gun has cleared the trial and proved its ability to strike gargets 38 km away as Bofors gun to be compared which has a range of 27 kilometre approximately. 414 Dhanush guns to be acquire as Army plans.

The Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur by the CBI an initial probe suggests, that built the initial few guns, had accepted a Chinese made crucial part called 'Wire Race Roller Bearings'.
In 2013, by the factory the first order for four bearings was placed. By the company it was asked to provide six, in 2014 August. On three occasions the delivery of two bearings each was made between 7 April 2014 and 12 August 2014.
Production and performance of the Dhanush gun is extremely crucial for India's defence preparedness and "wire race roller bearing" is its vital component, said by CBI.


From a Germna firm the company had claimed that it was sourcing the spares, CRB Antriebstechnik and even produced certificates from this company.

The CBI, however, found that the documents were forged and German company didn't even manufacture the parts it was supposed to have supplied.

Emails exchanged between the Delhi-based company and the Chinese firm which had supplied the parts the agency has seized, to further back its case.





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