Cashless Society Or Cash Issued By “Children Bank Of India”?

A country that aims towards ‘cashless’ society has probably got the new cash issued by "Children Bank Of India." A man while withdrawing cash from an ATM of the government-run SBI or State Bank of India in south Delhi was shocked after seeing the four 2,000-rupee notes had been issued by the "Children Bank Of India."

The Reserve Bank of India was seen as the "Entertainment Bank of India" on the note. A  little box saying "Churan Lable (label)" appeared in place of the official mark. In place of the RBI stamp, the notes had "PK".

SBI has stated that chance of fake notes from its ATM is a very rare case and that the bank has “very robust system for monitoring the quality of notes.”

Without losing a single opportunity, Mr Arvind Kejriwal targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expressed doubt on leadership of the Prime Minister who, he claims "can't even produce proper notes."

The man is Mr Rohit Kumar; a customer care executive who withdrew the cash on February 6 at the Sangam Vihar ATM. The ATM has been out of service since then and the police officer who arrived to investigate also received a fake note.

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