Capability, Experience Must Supersede All Considerations For President: Meira Kumar

New Delhi: Opposition's Presidential candidate Meira Kumar on Friday stressed that the post is "not symbolic" and that "capability and experience must always supersede" every other consideration for it.

In a statement, Meira Kumar also expressed her gratitude to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and leaders of 17 political parties for their unanimous decision to nominate her as the presidential candidate for the July 17 election.

"It is indeed an honour," the former Lok Sabha Speaker said in a statement.

"The post of the President carries the responsibility of safeguarding and defending our constitutional principles. It embodies the diversity of our socio-political culture and the vision of our composite ideology.

"It transcends the considerations of caste, religion or region. The post is not symbolic; it articulates, in the fullest sense, the basis of our electoral philosophy - that capability and experience must always supersede all other considerations," she added.

"The values I hold dear - of inclusiveness, social justice and pluralism - are the values the President must uphold as the supreme representative of our nation. 

"If these values are undermined so is our Constitution, and India can then not hope to achieve the progressive modernity envisioned by its founding fathers and reflected in the collective will of its people," said Meira Kumar, appealing to members of the Electoral College to base their decision on "these cherished principles and secure them for our future generations".

The Congress on Friday said that President should be someone who would protect the Constitution, belonged to all and stayed away from politics.

Congress spokesperson R.P.N Singh, however, refused to comment on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's decision to support Kovind.

"Meira Kumar is an ideal candidate. We have selected a candidate who has contributed to the nation and dedicated her life to parliamentary democracy.

"She has emerged as an example. We are confident that such a person would be elected," he said.



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