Built In Just 10 Weeks, World’s Longest Suspension Footbridge

Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge has opened in Swiss Alpine resort of Zermatt Matterhorn, known as the the longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

Located in south Switzerland, the steel bridge is 494 metres long and overtakes the "Titan-RT" bridge in Germany as the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, according to a press release from Zermatt Matterhorn.

On July 29 after a construction period of just 10 weeks it was unveiled, Xinhua news agency reported.

Hikers, thrilled at being suspended 85 metres above the ground, can fulfil their dream by crossing the suspended stretch of the famed Europaweg hiking trail, between Grachen and Zermatt.

The trail is considered by many one of the most beautiful two-day hikes in the Alps. And at a narrow 65 centimetres wide, the bridge stretches like a thin wire across the steep valley floor.




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