BSP Will Observe 11th A Black Day, Each Month: Says Mayawati

BSP's leader Mayawati has said that her party will observe black day on the 11th of every month to protest against the miscalculation of (Electronic Voting Machines) EVM's in the recently conducted UP Elections.

She claims that BJP won because of the false calculation of the EVM machine and added "I don't think,  anyone will agree to the fact that BSP got such less votes in Muslim and Dalit-dominated areas.

Her party is badly affected after the Assembly elections 2017 and is left with few seats to run her party.  Although her claims are not justified but an Parliamentary panel has decided to invite Indian and International experts to investigate the accountability of EVM's.  And will test if such machines can mislead votes by fake counting.
The Parliamentary Panel since elections have received many petitions as to the reliability of EVM's.

After her Claim of Misleading or false count of votes,  the BJP Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu denied the statement and asked Mayawati to "gracefully accept the people's mandate". And continued that " When you win, EVM's are right. When you lose,  EVM's are wrong, this shows there is some defect in you".  At last he said that People have rejected to Mayawati's Party.

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