British Couple Died After 4 Minutes Of Each Other After 70 Years Of Marriage

In London a British couple, who were married for more than 70 years died with in the 4 minutes of each other. 93 year old Wilf Russell died at care home, as he was suffering from Dementia. Which results, that he did not remember his wife.  91 year old Vara Wilf’s wife died in a nearby hospital, as she was ill after her husband stopped remembering her. At Magna care home in Wigston, Wilf took his last breath at 6:50 am last Wednesday. His wife was not aware of his death but she died exactly after 4 minutes later at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Stephanie Welch their granddaughter told Leicester Mercury, "My granddad was suffering with dementia a year ago and he had to go into the care home a couple of months back. My Nan went to see him and he didn't remember her at all her health started decline from that day."

Welch also added that, "I went to visit her at Leicester Royal Infirmary on Sunday and she opened her eyes and asked me where Wilf was, The last thing she said to me was, 'We're a right pair, aren't we?' "He died at 6:50 am and she died at 6:54 am without being told about Granddad. I think she was waiting for him to go."

When Wilf was 18 and Vera was 16 they met and got engaged before he went to North Africa with Air Force during World War- II. They got married when Wilf returned back and started working as an Engineer in West Midlands.

Wilf Russell and his wife Vera got married over 70 years ago.

Later they moved to Oadby about ten year ago, so that they can be near to their son. They had 2 sons and 5 grandchildren’s, 7 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren.

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