Book Attempts To Demystify Trump’s Deal-Making Policies

New Delhi :There has been a substantial shift in the bilateral, regional and multilateral foreign trade policy of the United States post Trump taking over as the President.

Author Amiya Chandra's latest book "Indian Foreign Trade: Trumped Up or Down" attempts to demystify and understand Trump's approach to deal-making through current events within and outside the US.

Chandra in his book also explains whether the accession of Trump as the US President is in India's interest or against it and the impact on bilateral foreign trade policies.

Published by Pentagon Press, the book was launched here on Saturday. The event was followed by a session on "Indian foreign trade and India - US dynamics under the new leadership".

"The book is an attempt to study and analyse a critical topic. The equation of India - US trade is not just relevant for the big corporates or decision makers, but has close effect on our home grown businesses," said Chandra while speaking at the event.



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