Bollywood fused with Politics : Aamir Khan reacting to Demonetisation


Appreciating the revolutionary movement by the government to curb the black money, actor Aamir Khan appeals to the citizens of India to join hands with the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.He is sorry for the the common, innocent man who is suffering and dying due to the decision and at the same time, he clarifies that he did not face any problem by the decision. He claimed that since he had no money by back means and that I paid taxes accordingly, hence the process was quite an easy one. This is what even Mr. Modi said that those for have their pockets filled with black money shall not be able to sleep and people like Aamir Khan who do not adopt the back means shall let the process ho smoothly.

The digital regime and cashless India may not sound a possible thing but what will make it possible is the joined hands of government and common man. Mr. Khan on this says,  "I am not an economist. If someone is doing some good work we should help them. I am into films... I can talk about that and not economy."

To talk about latest story of Mr. Khan is going to play a wrestler in coming movie 'Dangal'. He will also appear in 'Thugs of Hindostan' and 'Secret Stars'. Yes, Age is just a number and here is the example where 51 year old Bollywood actor has made a special place in the hearts of the people. With his influence as a Bollywood actor, he is contributing his level best by reacting towards the political regime.

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