BJP Triumph Is Dedicated To Soldiers Fought In Sukma : Manoj Tiwari

MCD elections 2017 results are not totally out but the three wards have given an immense support to BJP and the BJP minister Manoj tiwari have given thanks to the people of delhi for supporting them and also arranged a poster which is depicting " BJP's great success, all thanks to delhi".

Manoj Tiwari said this triumph is dedicated to the soldiers who fought for our country in Sukma.

Today around 8 am  the counting for the MCD results were started and till 10am it was clear that in all three wards i.e south, north and east delhi the majority is in hands of BJP.

It is also known from sources that today Manoj tiwari started his day by visiting a temple and praying. Mr Tiwari was very excited and confident this time from MCD elections that without the clear announcement of results, he jump into excitement and also implemented the posters in delhi which indicate the triumph of BJP.

The BJP previously also claimed that we will win more then 225 seats in MCD elections and Mr Tiwari also mentioned that BJP is getting vote because of Mr Modi.

When asked about the two new additions in BJP of congress,  Mr Tiwari said " We does what we find correct,  and these people were working good" the members who are included in the BJP are Barkha shukla Singh and Arvind Singh lovely.

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