BJP Creating History By Having 2/3 Seats Till Now: Celebrating Holi and Diwali Together

BJP wins the heart of UP and Uttrakhand people by 305/403 and 55/70 seats respectively which is an unexpected and astonishing outcome according to many BJP candidates. They were expecting around  220-250 seats in UP but now have reached upto 305 in no time,creating history which no party has achieved till now.

There are many debates going around as Demonetisation is the reason for so many votes and people are trusting the party for there works towards a better nation by eroding the black money and corruption.  “People are taking revenge of many years pain and struggles" says one of the BJP candidate, indicating towards the triumph.

Election UP Graphpromising agendas had a magical affect on people’s heart, therefore they have given votes in huge numbers, BJP have  305 seats which is outstanding for any party,  it is going to be big Triumph of BJP in UP.

People are voting because of PM Narendra modi not because of BJP argued with some of the TV journalists. This is victory in the history of Assembly elections.

In 27 years National Party will be formed in UP,  let’s have a look to the new agendas that attracted people to vote BJP.

BJP Agenda for Assembly elections 2017.
Some special highlights as mentioned by BJP’s President Amit shah in their menifesto.

-Laptops will be provided without any bias with free 1 GB data per month.

-All students who are scoring above 50% will get free education till graduation.

-Around  ₹1,000 crore start-up capital fund will be provided.

-A task force will be set up in every district to tackle the problem arised from different mafias.

-All farm loans to be waived and farmers will get further loans with 0% interest.

-The opinion of all women on triple talaq will be taken and placed in front of Supreme Court.

-Villages will be connected with mini-bus services.

-Amit Shah has tweeted about achievement of BJP in UP assembly result.

-Results are to be revealed soon by no time everything will be clear.

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