BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari’s House Ransacked, The PCR’s ASI Is Suspended

Manoj Tiwari Delhi BJP Chief whose house was ransacked by an unidentified men on Monday early morning in the heart of National Capital. . Mr Tiwari, a Lok Sabha member from North- East Delhi, was not present when the incident took place. Four people have been arrested; a search is on for other suspects.

The latest update is that about 8 to 10 people of North Avenue are been attacked due to which PCR’s ASI is suspended.

Manoj Tiwari alleged that this was a lethal attack over him, and his 2 people are also injured.

“Around eight to 10 people attacked my residence at 159, North Avenue,” the actor-turned-politician tweeted around 3 am today. He further alleged a conspiracy behind the incident

Manoj Tiwari’s tweets are:

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