Bizarre Code Shocks Students At NEET Medical Test: Remove Bra, No Jeans

On Sunday, an 18 year old girl in Kerala alleges that she was forced to remove her bra and another student said that the girl had to change out of her jeans at an exam centre for the National Eligibility and Entrance Test for Medical College. They were told that it was for the ‘Security’, as to prevent cheating.

A teen at a women-only exam centre in Kannur was allegedly ordered the girl to remove her bra as the metal detector beeped. It took place just minute before the exam. The girl had no choice.

The girl had to travel 2.5 Km at 8:30 am to buy clothes because "dark-coloured lowers weren't allowed". The girl mother said, "My daughter went inside the centre only to return a few minutes later to hand over her bra," Many others went through the ordeal, she alleged.

Across India lakhs of students took the NEET test for undergraduate medical courses. Women candidates were to wear "light clothes with half sleeves not having big buttons or brooch/badge or flowers, with salwar/ trouser and slippers or sandals with low heels, not shoes," as per the official website.

At the TISK English Medium School in Kannur, the complaint have surfaced. "We have clear instructions that if the metal detector beeps, no one can be allowed inside. Whenever it beeped, we told students to remove what they have," said by the principal, Jalaluddin K.

His surprise expression at the allegation that a girl was asked to remove her underwear. "I don't know where this is coming from," he replied, adding that he had called a meeting of those involved in frisking at the school.

A student who was asked to remove the metal buttons as the student was in jeans at the centre. The girl’s Father Rajesh Nambiar,who works with the postal department, said, "She came back from security. I used a blade to remove the buttons and sent her back. Then I went to a shop about three km from the exam centre and bought a new dress for her after getting the shop opened," he told NDTV.

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