‘Bhai ka Toilets’ of Salman Khan to fight against open defecation: Healthy Mumbai

Mumbai municipal commissioner,  Ajoy Mehta and Bollywood actor, Salman Khan met on Saturday in regard to the proposal of making Mr. Khan as the their brand ambassador. Salman accepting the proposal has also put his hands forward by offering five mobile toilets across city and hence helping in project of reducing open defecation.

Being a responsible citizen and the most popular and effective bollywood actor, he also said that he will guide the people in Mumbai regarding hazardous effects of open defecation.

"In a mega-city like Mumbai, this looks really awkward to find people defecating in open. I will try my best to tell them to do away with this practice," Salman said accepting the proposal.

Interestingly, the famous word associated to Mr. Salman is Bhai and the toilets that he is offering will be named as ‘Bhai ka Toilets’. This information has been provided by a senior officer at BMC. Calling it as “a social evil” the senior officer added that "Currently, major open deification spots are in Colaba, Bhandup, Chembur, Malad, Kurla and Andheri” and by building the toilets they shall be able to eradicate this evil.

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