Bengaluru Police Seek Public Help To Solve Gauri Lankesh’s Murder

Bengaluru:  The special investigative team set up to find the killers of journalist Gauri Lankesh has asked the public to share any information they might have to help solve the crime. Gauri Lankesh was murdered at the doorstep of her Bengaluru home on Tuesday night. Footage from CCTV cameras installed by Ms Lankesh showed a man in a dark jacket and helmet shoot her. But almost three days after her death, the police have made little headway. 

The 21-member police team has circulated a phone number and email id for people to share any information they might have on the case. "General public is requested, any information on #GauriLankeshkillers. Public can call or email @ 09480800202,," the Bengaluru police tweeted.


The police has visited the scene of the crime and has been examining CCTV footage from around the house and on the roads leading to it. Gauri Lankesh's brother Indrajit said that when they entered the house on the night of the murder, there was sufficient light from the live output of the CCTV camera to identity anyone.
The police said the helmet that the attacker wore has made identifying him difficult.
Rajarajeshwari Nagar, the neighbourhood in west Bengaluru where Gauri Lankesh lived is sparsely populated and no eyewitnesses have come forward so far. Gauri Lankesh was found lying in a pool of blood by neighbours who live in an apartment complex opposite her home and who said they were at dinner when she was shot. They initially thought they had heard firecrackers go off.






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