‘Benami’ Properties to be dealt with soon: PM to surprise with another law

The government continuing the project to make black money amount to 0 in India has made the Prime Minister vow today that 'benami' properties will be dealt with effectively and a strong law will be imposed by the government soon.
In “Mann ki baat” Programme, PM defended frequent changes in the rules of demonetisation and said that changes introduced are only meant to reduce the problems of people. He said that wrong doings of corrupt officials and businessmen have come up only by cooperation of common people. This is the war against corruption which PM Modi has initiated and which cannot be turned into success unless the common man of country contributes his level best.
Mr Modi also said that some people are spreading rumours that political parties remain unaffected by this decision. These rumours are completely “false” according to Mr. Modi and everybody is equal before law.
The dream of cashless economy is realised by the PM and the government is continuously working upon it to make the dream come true. With this, Mr. Modi has launched two schemes for traders and customers which will dole out 15,000 prizes every day to those making digital transactions.


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