Barbs For Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP, In Election Commission’s EVM Challenge From June 3 Announcement

June 3 is fixed as the Election Commission for its open challenge to the parties of Political to prove EVMs could be tampered, Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal-led renewed its demand for the Hackathon and not just challenge that di0d not allowed them to tinker with the machines.




Of the EVMs reliability the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) has been the loudest and yet has not announced if it will pick the gauntlet on the skip the event or Election Commission’s terms.




But in a tweets, Nasim Zaidi the first one even as a Chief Election Commission was speaking, there was nothing to cheer the AAP made it clear.



To response to Mr Zaidi, Arvind Kejriwal the Delhi Chief Minister tweeted, as asserting that the poll body had not come across any credible material to hint that any voting machine had been tampered with in the assembly elections five state this year conducted.

Arvind Kejriwal Tweeted



Announced and said by the Election Panel that the challenge would start on 3rd June, and for about 4-5 days it could go on, as it depends on the Political Parties response.




Sanjay Singh the AAP’s has reiterated the demand for opportunity to hack the EVMs hours earlier, from there he took over. Mr Singh said that, the set of guidelines laid down by the Election Body were akin to throwing a person into sea after tying his hands and expecting him to swim. "Are the people who tamper EVMs going to take guidelines from the Election Commission," said by Mr Singh, demanding a hackathon where people are free to break into a machine.




They can hack into a real EVM insisted by the AAP, as the AAP made an EVM a lookalike vote the way AAP wanted during the demonstration of Last month in Delhi Assembly.




Statement of 19 pages the Election Commission released after Mr Zaidi’s briefing referred to this demand, from "certain naysayers".


Said by the Commission that, "This is like saying that they should be permitted to manufacture a new machine and introduce their new EVMs in our system," pointing that it was "changing the common knowledge that 'internal circuit' of any electronic device is like changing the whole device itself".



It goes on like: "As any person with common sense will be able to appreciate... an EVM with a different 'internal circuit' is simply a different machine... and can never be guaranteed by ECI to give correct results."




The statement said while explaining the reasons for its ground rules, "Such a scenario is completely ruled out within our administrative safeguards and that's why it is not proposed in the challenge."

In the unusual detailed briefing by him which went for about 2 hours, explained by Mr Zaidi that there were enough safeguards built into the commission's processes that did not leave any unauthorised access opportunity for an EVM.



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