‘Back Your Game,’ Sachin Tendulkar’s Advice To Ajinkya Rahane

New Delhi: For any cricketer, an interaction with Sachin Tendulkar on batting is priceless and no wonder 's confidence was boosted when the maestro dropped in during one of his net sessions in Mumbai recently. 

Rahane is not a regular in the Indian limited overs set- up and there was some conversation with Tendulkar about how to improve his game. 


Rahane had posted a picture on his twitter page with Tendulkar talking to him at the Bandra Kurla Complex indoor nets.

"For four days, I did nets at the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC in Mumbai). When I met him (Tendulkar), he said, "back your game. You will get opportunities sometimes and sometimes you won't. What's in your hands is your preparation. You should have right mindset. He did not say anything about my technique but spoke only on the mental aspect."

Tendulkar, who has enjoyed a lot of success against Australia, spoke about the length that their bowlers bowl at.

"He has played a lot against Australia and he mentioned what line and length they bowl. How to prepare for that. I have got confidence after talking to him," Rahane said.



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