“Azad” Son of Hindustaan’s Soil

“Azad Chandra Shekhar” will preferably be more suitable than calling him “Chandra Shekhar Azad” because he lived his life and died on his own terms and He had vowed to himself that

“दुश्मन की गोली का हम सामना करेंगे. आज़ाद रहे है, आज़ाद ही रहेंगे.”

One of the most powerful and patriotic son of motherland choose his own death on 27th February 1971.

Azad was the one, who reorganized HRA (Hindustan Republic Association) after the death of Ramprasad Bismil with the new name of HSRA (Hindustan Socialist Republic Association) along with Shaheed Bagat Singh and other activists. He was good in organizational skills that is why it was easy for him. Britishers were not able to catch him alive because he was the master of disguise, he was a wanted man still he hoodwinked them many times, so they took the help from one of the fellow of Chandrashekhar who agreed to betray him and inform them about his location.

Some of the incidents of His Life

In the short life of 25 years Azad had list of more achievements than failures like blowing up the special train near Faridabad, Famous Kakori tain incident, Dayanand Anglo Vedic college case of Kanpur, Naming himself as Azad infront of Judge, revenge after killing the British officer.

There is lot more to express about this hero of real life which many of us might not be knowing

Azaad 2Azaad 3Azaad 4Azaad 5Azaad 6Azaad 7Azaad

“Don’t see others better doing than you, beat your own record every day,

Because Success Is A Fight Between You And Yourself.”

I think, nation still need some revolutionaries like him.

Jai Hind, Inqelaab Zindabaad.

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