Australian Media Calls Ranchi Pitch Preparation A Sedition, Attacks Indian Skipper Virat Kohli

The Aussies Media once again questioned Indian skipper Virat Kohli and the his team's integrity after the curator of the JSCA stadium in Ranchi, where the third Australia vs India Test match will be staged, left the choice of the wicket to 'the squad'.

"Each of them will behave differently. The team will choose the strip two days before the match," curator SB Singh said.

"The pitch will suit both the batsmen and bowlers and will definitely last five days."

"Australia is set to walk head on into another Indian conspiracy in Ranchi, with the local curator making the stunning admission that Virat Kohli will be allowed to handpick the pitch he wants," The information in the newspaper said.

"Australia has grown accustomed to being conned by pitch preparation on the sub-continent, and already on this tour they have been forced to play on a Pune wicket ruled "poor" by the ICC, and a Bangalore surface that at times was even more unplayable," the information added.

"SB Singh is right. We have nine pitches here at the stadium and of which three have been prepared for this Test as is the with any other association hosting a Test match. Once the officials come here they will choose which pitch to play on," JSCA secretary Debashis Chakraborty said.

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