In Arvind Kejriwal’s Rally, People Seemed To Chant Modi! Modi!

In a rally organized by AAP leaded by Arvind Kejriwal for MCD elections, few people were chanting the name of Modi, and reacting to those people,  Arvind Kejriwal said that chanting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's name would neither reduce power tariffs nor abolish house tax.

"If doing so results in the abolition of house tax, then I would chant 'Modi, Modi'. Did PM Modi reduce your power tariffs? If power tariffs reduce by chanting 'Modi, Modi', then I would do so," Mr Kejriwal jibed.

"Chanting 'Modi, Modi' would not satiate hunger. Few people have turned mad," he further said.

The municipal polls which are in Delhi, scheduled to held in April 23, are very important for the AAP, as despite becoming the second largest party in Punjab, AAP failed to win a single seat in Goa.

In his address, Mr Kejriwal accused the BJP and the Congress of conspiring to take over the water and power departments to initiate a hike in tariffs.

The Delhi Chief Minister, Mr Arvind Kejriwal also mentioned to make the city clean within a year and ran through his government's decisions. He also promised to "abolish house tax" if they will win the municipal polls.

"We will turn the MCDs around. Just like we made the Delhi Jal Board a profitable enterprise despite providing water free of cost," he said.

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