Arvind Kejriwal Opposed Notes Ban, As He Is Into Money-Laundering: Kapil Mishra

Today, sacked Minister Kapil Mishra accused Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for money-laundering and said that the main reason he had opposed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s note ban. The charges have rubbished by the AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal by calling it another example of the BJP party using Kapil Mishra to spread the lies.




At a press conference the suspended AAP leader Kapil Mishra alleges that, "Why did Arvind Kejriwal fiercely oppose demonetisation? Why did Mr Kejriwal travel across the country against the move? Because his men, who hoard black money, were being raided by enforcement agencies." AAP donors included shell companies and wondered how the party accepted funds from the companies that were slapped notices for not paying VAT charged by Kapil Mishra.




Over a week ago Kapil Mishra was sacked and later he got suspended by the AAP party because he went nuclear, by targeting the leadership of AAP party, especially Arvind Kejriwal. Kapil Mishra accused his former boss of taking a bribe of Rs 2 crore and also facilitating deals for his relatives. The attack by Kapil Mishra is regular and unwavering against Arvind Kejriwal.




The latest set of charges embellishing with a Power Point presentation, Kapil Mishra also alleged that the businessman from Delhi-based Mukesh Kumar, who claimed to have donated Rs. 2 crore to AAP in 2014, was only a front for "proclaimed black money offenders".



"AAP took office 10 days before in 2013, Mukesh Kumar's company was given a notice by the Delhi government for not paying VAT. And then this person goes on to donate Rs. 2 crore to AAP," he said.



Kapil Mishra question Arvind Kejriwal and the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia for not acting against the business man Mukesh Kumar for defaulting on VAT after AAP came to power in 2013 in Delhi.




As Delhi Chief Minister Mr Kejriwal’s first stint ended within 49 days when he abruptly quit after accusing the Congress and the BJP of blocking the anti-corruption Jan Lokpal Bill.
"In order to tarnish AAP's image, BJP is developing a new ploy every day," AAP's Sanjay Singh said later, asserting that every donation was in the public domain and "declared as per rule".


"For the last two years the BJP is trying to find ills in AAP, but they are not able to find anything," he commented.

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