Arun Jaitley Keeps Defence And Finance After Reshuffle

New Delhi: Arun Jaitley will keep both the Finance and Defence Ministries, the government announced today after a cabinet reshuffle. Piyush Goyal has been assigned Railways, he takes over from Suresh Prabhu who offered his resignation weeks ago after two major train accidents in Uttar Pradesh.

There is no change to the Big 4- Finance, Defence, Home and External Affairs - which remain with Mr Jaitley, Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj, respectively

Sources said Mr Jaitley will be assigned a Minister of State to help him with Defence. He has been indicating that he would like to give up that portfolio to focus on Finance.

There has been concern, given aggravated tension with Pakistan and China, about the lack of a full-time defence minister.




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