Army Major Husband Arrested, Days After Hyderabad Radio Jockey Sandhya Singh’s Suicide

A 28 year old radio Jokey about 2 weeks ago was found hanging in her home in Hyderabad, her husband, an Army Major has been arrested.

Major Vaibhav Vishal, who is 30 years old, is posted at the Army’s 54th Infantry Division in Secunderabad. After his wife Sandhya Singh was found dead at their army accommodation, Major Vaibhav Vishal been admitted to the ICU of an army hospital.

From a ceiling fan Vishal’s wife Sandhya was found hanging. On the same night Vishal claimed of a chest pain and went to the Hospital. As Vishal was on Army premises the police could not question or arrest the officer. When his wife Sandhya was hanging herself, Vishal was sleeping as Vishal told.

Yesterday Vishal’s arrest was based on the complaint by his wife’s family that she was harassed for dowry. Initially the case of Suicide was registered, but Vishal’s name was added after Sandhya Singh's sister Uma, who works in Ghaziabad near Delhi, alleged that she was harassed by her husband and his family.

Major Vaibhav Vishal was handed over by the army on Wednesday to the local police and latter got arrested. For 14 day custody Vishal is been sent.

For dowry harassment the police have found the evidence and now looking for Vishal’s mother Asha Singh and his sister Khushi.

A suicide note is been left by Sandhya Singh. For Radio Charminar she used to work. Before Sandhya’s death she was depressed said by Sandhya’s colleagues to the police.

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