Answering in an Interview: the first Impression

If first impression is the last impression why not give your best?  There are normally similar questions asked in almost all interviews conducted by companies but standing aside in a crowd requires smart answer. Here are certain questions with tips to answer to prepare you for an interview: -

  • About yourself: - The most basic of the questions but there is a trick to crack the question. Nobody is interested in knowing personal, biographical details so be more precise in choosing what you have to tell about yourself.
  • Why should you be hired? Talk about your skills that suit the profile you have applied for. You might be multitasking person but think about what profit they will get after having you in their team.
  • About your expectations from job: - No exaggerated answers are required here since everybody knows the salary expectation that people have. Answering genuinely like the expectation of good future and professional advancement can work well.
  • Where do you see yourself in coming 5 years: - One would wish to see him/herself in upcoming years at a senior position managing more important things. Well, all depends on hard work.
  • Weakness: - The answers like bad temper etc sounds too artificial. Make your answer so tricky that your weakness comes as your strength. You can say that you can handle one thing at a time. This doesn’t sound artificial.
  • Strength: - Talking about your abilities applicable to any field could work here. You may mention your learning abilities.
  • Good impact: - Throughout the session make yourself sound polite and make sure you have a nice body- language.

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