Another raid by IT Department in Tamil Nadu: The Chief Secretary this time

Government is taking steps one after another to eradicate black money from country. One such step is raiding the homes of high officials who are suspected to have ample amount of black money. Recently, Income Tax Department has raided the house of Tamil Nadu's top bureaucrat, Chief Secretary P Rama Mohana Rao.

The raid and investigation against the property of relatives and his son is going since 5.30 this morning. Mr. Rao lives in Anna Nagar.

DMK leader MK Stalin looked at this as a “shame for Tamil Nadu” and said that such corrupt officers and those behind them should not be allowed to escape

According to sources, taxmen raided businessman J Shekar Reddy has business links with the son of Chief Secretary. What have led to raid at Mr. Rao’s house might be documents found at Mr. Reddy’s house.

Around 100 Kg of gold and 96 crore as cash in banned 500 and 1,000-rupee notes and 34 crore in new currency notes have been found at Mr. Reddy’s house and other two Tamil Nadu businessmen, according to sources.

Mr. Rao became the Chief Secretary in June 2016. He is believed to have close links to senior bureaucrats in Tamil Nadu and the new Chief Minister, O Panneerselvam.

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