Another MP And Airlines : Trinamool Congress MP Shouted And Screamed On Crew

Airlines warned MPs that "they are passengers like everybody else and cannot jeopardize safety",this came after the incident of shiv sena MP Ravindra  Gaikwad who assaulted an Air India manager. But this time an parliamentarian from Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress delayed a flight by almost 40 minutes because she was not given the exit row seat which she had booked and paid for, after that she "shouted and screamed" at the cabin crew.

Dola Sen is Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress MP, she was flying with Air India from Delhi to Kolkata. The airline says because Ms Sen was traveling with her mother, who was in a wheelchair, she could not be seated in the emergency exit row, which offers more leg space. But according the rules and regulations of Air India this seat should be provided to someone who is physically fit and can also help crew at the time of emergency.

The airline also mentioned that Ms Sen didn't mention that she would be coming by someone in a wheelchair when she booked her tickets, which is why she was sold the seats in the row she requested.

When Ms Sen argued and had a long conversation with the flight manager, her mother was offered a business class seat, which she refused.

"Realising that the flight was delayed due to the some odd activities and the passenger was an MP,  the pilot came out of the cockpit and used his discretion to allow the passenger in the wheelchair to continue on the allocated seat," said the Air India official. And by this time, the flight was 39 minutes late.

It is also specified according to sources that when the plane landed, Ms Sen asked airline staff to collect the signatures of all her co-passengers to state that it was not she who led to the flight being delayed.

Earlier today, a union of Air India cabin crew said that passengers must be made to observe norms of safety and "public behaviour" -a comment aimed at the Shiv Sena leader who they will have to fly again.

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