Anarkali Of Aarah Review: Thumbs Up From The Critics

Swara Bhaskar is back on big screen with her amazing acting skills, she was last seen in Nil Battey Sanatta, where she performed terrific. Yet again she is back with Annarkali Of Aarah, in which Swara is playing a role of an erotic singer from Aarah, a small town in Bihar. She and her orchestra perform at parties on songs which are replete with double meaning. Their actions and dance too high on sexual innuendos. Considered to be a local treasure, Anarkali is nearly a celebrity thanks to her popular performances.

Swara Bhaskar is making successfully in her business through her performances until one unfortunate day when she gets molested by a powerful, lecherous VC (Sanjay Mishra) of town on stage during her performance.

Disgusted by his act, Anaarkali slaps him on stage and later urges on filling an FIR against him for molestation. She is misjudged due to her profession and is framed by police as a prostitute to contain her from bringing. The VC’s misconduct. Her struggle against a misogynistic world that believes has no shame in objectifying women as objects of desire is what follows.

Anarkali owns the character from the very first scene to till the end, from her body language, lip syncing or her suggestive dance, Bhasker completely blows your mind. She is truly one of the finest actresses in the industry today. There are other actor’s along with Swara Bhaskar they are Sanjay Misra, Pankaj tripathi, ishtiyak khan

Anaarkali of Aarah is a stunningly bold and thank heavens has managed to release in India with CBFC’s kindness.

This movie is a must watchable by all, as the movie is beyond expectation. Released today on 24th march, 2017, on your nearest theatre.

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