Airlines ban Shiv Shena MP To Travel In their Flight, Refused To Give Return Ticket

Shiv Shena MP Had assaulted a flight attendantt of an Airlines,  the matter disclosed after he demanded seat in Business  class  but due to the unavailability of flight to provide Economy Class as all the seat was for Economy class, they requested him to adjust but the situation become worst  and he had some quarrel with the flight attendant and then he took his chappal off and tried to assault the person.

After this, the Airlines Association Refused to Provide the return ticket and also ban all flight in future of  Shiv Shena MP Ravindra Gaikwad.

They announced he will not be allowed on flights "with immediate effect," a statement said. Air India cancelled the MP's ticket to fly today from Delhi to Pune; so did Indigo after the politician tried his luck with the private carrier. This evening, he took a train to Mumbai.

In a video which went viral after the incident took place,  where he was arguing and also assaulting the attendant.  In the video he took immediate actions without thinking and then he was attended by an air-hostess where she was trying to make the MP furry a little down by Requesting not to say anything as this can effect his further attention in the party and in public.

Many other Flights too cancelled his tickets after the incident and at the end he have to travel with train. Also Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has wrote a report to determine the facts and situation before he decides on what will  happen next for Mr Gaikwad. The party said that it does not tolerate violence.
And therefore after Proper Investigation will take further actions.

In Delhi, Junior Law Minister PP Chaudhary said, "There is no law that bars anyone from travelling anywhere or denying a ticket. If someone has committed a crime, he can be punished but denying a ticket is seriously wrong."

Mr Gaikwad today said that Air India is guilty of their "poor service" and that the manager who he thrashed should apologise  to him and or else there is no other way. He also said he intends to fly, as scheduled, on Air India back to Pune today.

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