Agendas behind Demonetisation questioned by Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Mr. Rahul Gandhi (Congress) accuses Prime Minister to work on a “personal issue” and impose it on masses through Demonetisation. The policy that Government has introduced lacks transparency and the Prime Minister hence cannot be called responsible according to Mr. Rahul. This is the first financial experiment in the world. He wants Mr. Modi to come forward and answer, who exactly is responsible for people’s suffering.

Each and every opposition party is standing together to question why is the public as a whole being injured? Suggesting the Sahara Diary, he added, “Narendra Modi had charges of corruption against him”.

Referring to Ms. Sheila Dixit, he said that it is she who talked about probing in Sahara Diaries but not Mr. Modi.

Mamata Banerjee said that “all commoners are not the black marketers”. To this, Mr. Rahul added that the PM has injured none but the common folk. The arguments of the PM are hollow according to Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Demanding transparency in the policy rather than merely imposing his decision over the public, Mr. Rahul gave the motive behind this United Opposition.

This press-conference has made evident the real people who are suffering due to this action of PM. What is awaited is next step by the Government.

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