Age limit for CLAT: Bar Council Of India

The common law Admission Test (CLAT) is a very crucial exam for those aiming for B.A L.L.B. Students generally start to prepare for the exam from class 12th and prepare for board examination and entrance exam together.  However, making every possible way to clear the entrance exam, many students are not able to make it and try for another year which might not be possible from now as the Bar Council have issued a notification to Alter the age to appear in CLAT.

A notification given by Madurai High court and Bar Council of India in September 2016 stated that students above the age of 20 are now barred from appearing from entrance exam.

The reason to do so is still not clear, but the response is not positive as it restricts one’s choice. Students across different states are trolling and tweeting for this change, demanding a clear answer and many filed notices to Govt for this implementation.
This is not for first time that age limit is imposed to CLAT. In 2008 the age limit was imposed but they withdrew it after the Prabakaran Committee told the court it’s a violation of one’s fundamental right.

Students were already in pressure to clear the exam with good scores but now they have an additional pressure to clear it in one attempt. This has caused much distress among students especially those who dropped an year to prepare for the exam and now crossed the age of 20. Many students claimed that this has disturbed the whole pace of preparation.
Now it’s a matter of concern as students need an answer why to put restrictions to such an essential course. If you are CLAT aspirant this year be on safe side by knowing the notified criteria and play smartly.   All the best.

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