After 7 Years Of Marriage, Adnan Sami Is Blessed With A Daughter

Adnan Sami is an India Singer, actor, Musician, Music Composer and a Pianist. For Hindi movies Adnan Sami performs Indian and Western music, Adnan Sami’s most notable instrument is the Piano. Adnan Sami is the first person to play the Indian music on Piano. Adnan Sami can play 35 instruments.


Adnan Sami is from Pakistan’s Afghan origin, Adnan Sami born to Naureen and Arshad Sami Khan in London. Adnan Sami has tag which is given by Times of India which is “Sultan of Music.”


In 1986 Adnan Sami’s first single album was released with an English hit single in the Middle East which went straight to the No. 1 position in its first week on the music charts of the region with a song which Adnan Sami wrote and recorded in his own voice for the UNICEF and United Nations, the song which Adnan Sami did was ‘Run Of His Life.’


One of the Adnan Sami songs go a huge famous in Pakistan which was from Adnan Sami’s album Teri Yaad, which was the title track of Adnan Sami’s first album.


Adnan Sami in 1994 composed the music for the first time for a movie. Adnan Sami is also seen as an actor in 1995 Pakistani movie Sargam. It was the first time when Adnan Sami was featured in a Pakistan Movie and it was a movie in which Asha Bhosle who did the playback Sargam, which was a blockbuster.


Adnan Sami’s one of the most famous song was “Lift Karade” people got crazy for this song.

The Lift Karade singer has now become a proud father of a baby girl, Adnan Sami got married to Roya Sami Khan, and they are together since 7 years now. The baby girl was delivered late last night, Adnan Sami and Roya Sami Khan decided to name their baby girl Medina Sami Khan.

The happy father Adnan Sami shared the beautiful news on twitter by tweeting,


Congratulations to the adorable couple for the happiness.

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