Advanced Technology Will Lead To Human Extinction : Says Hawking

"Technology has advanced at such a pace that this Aggression may destroy us... We need to control this inherited instinct by our logics and reasons".  Hawking said.

Now its no more a illusion of our eyes which we use to experience while watching movies,  which depicts how Robots will replace humans. With the pace of technology advancement in the world AI (Artificial intelligence) will replace humans in a decade of 1 or 2 if not controlled. From finding another solar system to creating a machines which will have all emotions as human, in no time from giving the advantages to humans, machines will be dominant in future.

Stephen William Hawking is an English theoretical physicist and cosmologist is concerned about the threat which will harm humans in future and can lead to their extinction.  He urged the world leaders to keep technology under control before it destroys Humanity.

So far such under mentioned things are developed, which can lead to human endangered.

If a dominant superintelligent machine will understand that human survival is an unnecessary risk or a waste of resources as they can perform better, the result would be human extinction.

If its self-reprogramming will leads to getting even better at being able to reprogram itself, the result could be a recursive intelligence explosion where it would rapidly leave human intelligence far behind.

A super intelligence might be able to recruit human support or covertly incite a war between humans.

Such DNA  have been created in a research where machines can replicate themselves, superintelligent AI might design self-replicating bots that initially escape detection by diffusing throughout the world.

A super intelligence could find new negatives in computers connected to the Internet, and spread copies of itself onto those systems, or might steal money to finance its plans and can lead to dis-functioning of Human activities.

How edge of distinction- Human axons carry action potentials at around 120 m/s, whereas computer signals travel near the speed of light. If produced in no time robots will destroy humans.
"Humans should identify threats posed by artificial intelligence before the problem escalate", Hawking  added.

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