For Accused Of Attempt, Justice Karnan Is Ordered By Supreme Court For Medical Examination In Kolkata

In Kolkata’s Government Hospital on Thursday the medical examination will take place the repost has to be submitted in a week, said by the court. Asked from the West Bengal Police Chief to set up a team to help with the medical assessment.

Faced by Justice Karnan the contempt after Justice Karnan named 20 ‘corrupt judges’ of the country and sought an investigation alleging corruption in the judiciary earlier this year.

In March when Justice Karnan appeared in the Supreme Court, he refused to respond to the contempt notice and later went on to "summon" all seven judges in a "hearing" that he held at his Kolkata home.

61 year old judge since then has matched every order of Supreme Court on him with his own, what he calls are "residential" court hearings during the announcement.
Justice Karnan ‘ordered’ last month, the Chief Justice of India and the six judges to appear before him for face to face proceeding for "wantonly and deliberately" insulting him during last month's Supreme Court hearing.

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