Uttar Pradesh: 2 Killed In Encounter-On-Camera, Cops "Invited" Journalists To Watch

Uttar Pradesh: 2 Killed In Encounter-On-Camera, Cops "Invited" Journalists To Watch

Uttar Pradesh: 2 Killed In Encounter-On-Camera, Cops "Invited" Journalists To Watch (representational image) 

New Delhi: In Uttar Pradesh, two men were shot dead by the police in an early morning encounter that is on camera as journalists were "invited" before the shooting and allowed to film it.

The footage from the incident shows shows policemen armed with guns taking aim and firing.

The cops claimed that they had been looking for the two men -- Mustakim and Naushad -- for some days.

The police said that the duo were accused in at least six murders in the last month, Two of their victims were Hindu priests, according to the police.

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"This happened around 6:30 in the morning. Two men on a bike passed a police team and when we tried to stop them, they fired at us. We gave chase and they went and hid in an abandoned government office building about four kilometres away. They were firing at us from there too. We got reinforcements. When we fired, both of these people got hit and they were declared dead in hospital. One of our officers was also wounded," said Ajay Sahni, Aligarh's police chief.

Yesterday, five other people -- all Muslims -- had been arrested for the six murders over the last month.

Two Hindu priests, a couple and two farmers were among those who were killed. The victims were chosen at random by the accused and they were trying to frame a witness in a 2016 murder case involving one of the accused.

Since March 2017,  66 people have been killed in police encounters, i.e. when Yogi Adityanath took charge as chief minister. The number of encounters is well over 1,000 -- hundreds of criminals have been arrested, the police say.

OP Singh, the Uttar Pradesh police chief had recently said police encounters were part of a well chalked out "strategy" to arrest hardened criminals.

The top cop said four policemen were killed and over 500 people injured in these operations. "Encounters are part of crime prevention. The fact is that this is a not a state policy, but a police strategy. We do not call it encounter but police engagement. We are engaged with the criminals in a very professional and strategic manner," Mr Singh had said.

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