Things You Should Never Do During A Fight With Your Partner

Things You Should Never Do During A Fight With Your Partner

New Delhi: Every relations goes through both phases "the good one" and "the bad one". 
You can't find a perfect love. But if you are the one who is taking efforts all the time, then my friend you need to stop yourself, you need to think twice before taking effort for some random guy who is not the one for you. Fighting not always means breakup it can help you to get close to each other, but only when you consider following points in your mind.
1. Tell them to "calm down"
You should never tell them to "Calm Down". This can take their temper even more higher. Let them speak whatever they want to and let that be out, then you speak, this will help both of you to keep their perspective, and hence you'll better understand each other.
2. Put the entire blame on your partner
Unless or untill your  partner has done something adversly wrong like breaking your trust in any manner or something, don't put all the blame on them. Try to make them realise about their mistake and don't make it a big issue.

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3. Don't let past issues ruin present situations
This is the worst thing you can do during a fight. Dragging past issues can make the situation even worse. So, try to solve issues and make your situation better in the current scenerio


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