Things You Should Never Ask On First Date

Things You Should Never Ask On First Date

New Delhi: First impression is the last impression! Take this phrase seriously and try to create a good impression on the person you are going out with. Following are the things that you shouldn't do on first date
1. "Do you think I am attractive?" 
If you don't consider yourself good looking, other person will not. This question will make you look insecure and which is not at all good for your personality.
2. "How much do you make money?" 
Forget the first date, you should not ask this question to most people you know a lot more. This sounds like you are not interested in the person, but in the money, which sounds creepy.

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3. "Where do you want to take this?"
STOP! It's your first date not your first anniversary. This sounds despo that you want to know what will be the conclusion, which is so not good, give your date some time and act breezy.
4. "That thing on your Social Media"
It is quite obvious that you will check their social media accounts to know them better, but don't let them know that how far you've scrolled down. Keep it a secret.

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