Techies Who Saved Lakes In 45 Days, Vows To Save 45 More By 2025!

Techies Who Saved Lakes In 45 Days, Vows To Save 45 More By 2025!

New Delhi: As waves of despair regarding water scarcity in the peninsula rise, the country's citizens observe like a bunch of livestock aware of the danger but oblivious to the solution.
Some noble men stepped up to do something about the problem, a proud example is Mr Anand Malligavad who revived a dying lake in Bangalore within 45 days and plans to save 45 more by the year 2025, Bangalore a city famous for it's IT parks and magnificent lakes. Once boasted about 260 lakes, unfortunately now it's just left with 81.

Mr. Anand Malligavad stepped up to change that with a rather ingenious solution, with the help of 200 families and funds from sansera foundation brought a lake back to life within 10 days, he planned to remove the mud from the lake and use it to create islands in the middle of the lakes to serve as nesting grounds for birds.
With his ingenious solution, Mr Anand Malligavad has already saved 3 lakes and plans to save 45 more by 2025.

Another awe-inspiring story is of Mr. Datta Patil, a US-based engineer who visited his hometown Halgara in 2016 and decided to do something about the severe drought his village was facing, after some research he realised that the groundwater levels of Halgara needed to be restored, rainwater needed to be prevented from running off, therefore his first step was to clear off silt covering river beds allowing water to seep into the layers of the ground below, he kickstarted the initiative with 3 lakhs of his own money.

The work was large scale and the funds were low, villagers of Halgara contributed 5 lakh rupees and donation of labour, Mr Patil approached the corporate social responsibility wing of his employer (yahoo) who contributed 1 crore rupees to the initiative, till date Mr Patil has contributed more than 22 lakh rupees to the initiative.
With strong support towards the initiative, the flow of water in the rivers was slowed down to allow water to seep into the ground.
They also used 1500 acres of farmland to create compartment bunds to store water during the monsoons.
The project helped halgara save about 200 crore litres of water and helped it's farmers earn three hundred times of what they usually earn, with Halgara's groundwater water levels increased to one hundred feet.

Such success stories are sure fun to read and inspiring, but as a nation with a growing population we need to understand how to use our resources to their greatest potential, closing that tap while shaving or using a bucket to take a bath are very good ways of saving water but there are many problems lurking at the source, every major problem can have the simplest solution if looked at from the right angle, donate to initiatives, contribute in whatever way you can, for it is your future that only you can protect.


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