Rolled Ice-Creams Have Endless flavors, Grab Your One Today

Rolled Ice-Creams Have Endless flavors, Grab Your One Today

Rolled ice cream is a Thai frozen dessert originated from Thailand. The ice cream gets rolled up right before your eyes. The ice cream is made by pouring a base sweet milk on an extremely cold steel surface. Metal spatulas are used to chop the toppings and scrape it around to create air. Once the base is frozen solid, it is very cool. It is spread thinly and scraped to create rolls of ice cream. The rolls are then placed in a cup and topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and fresh fruits. In fact, it's downright freezing. After all, it's anywhere between -15° and -20°. 


The most interesting thing in the rolled ice-creams is that the flavors that you can make are endless. Endless and creative, like Monkey See, Monkey Do (fresh banana and Nutella). There's Smore Please, (with roasted marshmallows and graham crackers); or if you're a morning person, Off Duty (glazed donut and ground coffee). 

The perfect rolls are just the end of the show. It starts with elaborate chopping and mixing … blending … spreading it all out like plaster, and at exactly the right moment, rolling it up.

You don't have to go Thailand to have these we have shops in Delhi. The two established shops in Delhi are


ICE PAN CREAMERY: Lower Ground Floor, Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi


FROZEN PAN: Block UB 32 Shop No. 3 Jawahar Nagar Near Mcdonals Kamla Nagar New Delhi, Delhi, 110007


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