Police Says, UP Lawmaker's Wife Strangles 23-Year-Old Son In Fit Of Rage

Police Says, UP Lawmaker

Police Says, UP Lawmaker's Wife Strangles 23-Year-Old Son In Fit Of Rage 

New Delhi: Meera Yadav, the wife of UP's politician Ramesh Yadav was arrested on monday, on charges of killing her 23-year-old son Abhijeet Yadav, said the police.

Late on Sunday, Meera Yadav was detained for interrogation, during which she reportedly broke down and confessed to strangling her 23-year-old son.

Ramesh Yadav is a lawmaker and the chairman of the UP legislative council.

On Sunday, Abhijeet Yadav was found dead in the Dar-ul-shafa lawmaker's flat. The reports, initially said that he had died of a "cardiac arrest".

The accused told the family members and neighbours that her son had come back drunk late on Saturday. Meera Yadav had claimed that he was restless through the night and she had applied soothing balm on his chest when he complained of pain in his left arm.

She had told the neighbours that, he never woke up.

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Abhijeet's body was being taken for cremation when the police intervened, after one of the family friend alleged foul play.

Kalanidhi Naithani, a senior Lucknow police officer had ordered an autopsy which confirmed "strangling" as the cause of death.

Meera Yadav, who is the second wife of Ramesh Yadav, had kept changing her accounts of the tragedy, which spiked police suspicion.

A superintendent of police, Sarvesh Mishra had said that Meera Yadav told the police that her drunk son misbehaved with her. She strangled him in a fit of rage, she said.

Meera Yadav had quit her job in the state Tourism Department not long back and was living in the apartment at Darulshafa with her two sons, Abhishek and Abhijeet.

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