PM Modi In France "Corruption, Dynasty, Looting Reined In Like Never Before"

PM Modi In France "Corruption, Dynasty, Looting Reined In Like Never Before"

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi addressing Indian community at UNESCO HQ in Paris. He inaugurates memorial for air crash victims and said "I salute all those including the great Indian nuclear physicist Homi Bhaba, who lost their lives in the two crashes"( Air India plane crashes, in 1950 and 1966 in France's Saint Gervais). 

He continued that " I want to tell you that India is now surging ahead,mandate we got is not merely for running a govt but for building a new India". 

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By praising both countries he added " I have come to a nation of football lovers, you very well know the importance of a goal, that is the ultimate achievement. In last 5 years we set goals which were earlier considered impossible to fulfill". 

Highlighting BJP's Actions in the tenture PM said In new India, the way in which action is being taken against corruption, dynasty politics, loot of people's money, terrorism, this has never happened before. Within 75 days of the new Govt coming to power we took many strong decisions. 

PM Modi is in France as part of his three-nation five-day visit till Monday. From France, he will travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain before returning to Paris for the G7 Summit.

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