New Study Suggests Regular Bedtime May Boost Your Heart, Metabolic Health

New Study Suggests Regular Bedtime May Boost Your Heart, Metabolic Health

Study Sugggests Regular Bedtime May Boost Your Heart, Metabolic Health(Reprsentational Image)

New Delhi: Your parents often told you to go to bed on time. Well, they were right and a new study agrees with it. The study claims that regular bedtime and wake time may help you revive yourself and boost your heart and metabolic health.

On the other hand people with irregular sleep patterns weighed more, had higher blood sugar, higher blood pressure and a higher projected risk of having a heart attack or stroke within 10 years than those who slept and woke at the same times every day.

The study was published in the journal Scientific Report according to which people with irregularity in sleeping pattern were also more likely to report depression and stress than regular sleepers, suggests the study, published in the journal Scientific Report.

Jessica Lunsford-Avery, the lead author and Assistant Professor at the Duke Health in  said, "From our study, we can't conclude that sleep irregularity results in health risks, or whether health conditions affect sleep. Perhaps all of these things are impacting each other.” 

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1,978 older adults aged between 54 and 93, were included into the research team, for the study. They used devices that tracked sleep schedules to learn whether even subtle changes -- going to bed at 10:10 p.m. instead of the usual 10 p.m. -- were linked to the health of participants.
The sleep duration and preferred timing of their sleep was also tracked-- whether someone turned in early or was a night owl.


What they found out was that people with hypertension tended to sleep more hours, and people with obesity tended to stay up till late.
The people with irregular sleeping habit were also found out to experience more sleepiness during the day and were less active -- perhaps because they were tired. The researchers are looking forward to conducting more studies over longer periods in hopes of determining how biology causes changes in sleep regularity and vice-versa.


(Inputs From News Agency IANS)

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