Lost Camera Found After 2 Years At Sea In Perfect Working Condition

Lost Camera Found After 2 Years At Sea In Perfect Working Condition

New Delhi : Life is sometimes more fascinating than fiction. That's definitely the case with this camera that was lost for two years under the sea and was found in perfect working condition three days ago.

Thanks to a few enterprising students (and the Internet) the camera will soon be returned to its owner - who lives in a completely different country.

The camera was found washed up at a beach in Taiwan - covered in barnacles and shells and barely recognizable. 


The camera was found by a group of schoolchildren and their teacher, Park Lee, who decided to trace it back to its owner. And with the help of a Facebook post that instantly went viral with almost 13,000 shares, they managed to do that in just one day.

Surprisingly, not a drop of water had entered the camera even though it travelled hundreds of kilometers underwater. Even more amazingly, when a student turned it on, it was still charged and working fine. 


Mr Lee said, They initially had doubts over whether to look through the photos on the camera and share them on Facebook but it seemed like their only chance of finding the owner.

As some of the pictures on the camera were from Japan, they wrote their Facebook post in both Chinese and Japanese.

Within 24 hours, they managed to track down the camera's owner.

Serina Tsubakihara wrote in her Facebook post, "I can't still believe this is happening" 


She said, "In 2015, I went to scuba diving trip to Ishigaki island in Okinawa with my friends. When we were enjoying fun dive, I accidentally lost my camera under water and never found it. However, after almost 3 years, it was found in Taiwan by elementary students at beach clean event!!" 

Ms Tsubakihara is now planning to travel to Taiwan in June to get her camera and meet the people who found it.

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