How Not To Be An Insecure Friend

How Not To Be An Insecure Friend

New Delhi: We all have a friend that we don't want to loose, even we are afraid of loosing them. In matter of that we often get insecure when they talk to or go out with others. This is very common, friendship faces insecurities, toxicity, negavtivity. That's quite normal but not good. So, in order to not to get insecure her are some pointer that you must follow if you want to have a healthy friendship
1. Don't get int0 comparison stuff
Everyone has their own personality. Every person occupies a different space in ones life. If your friendship is meant to be, it will be. You don't need to compare yourself with anyone. Just play your own part and be humble.

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2. Respect each other's personal space.
No matter how close you and your friend are, there must be a personal space as it is a sign of a healthy friendship. You must respect each other's personal space and give them time to breath out.
3. Understand everything that isn't about you.
Every one has their own choice and own point of veiw. Eveytime, you don't need to go out with them only, you have other friends too. Give them some time.

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