First Ever Space Badminton Contest

First Ever Space Badminton Contest

New Delhi : In South Korea, Olympians from world over are gearing up for the Winter Games & players from America, Russia and Japan came together for a really important and one-of-its-kind badminton game.

In space - the game was played up above in the sky.

NASA's Joseph Akaba, JAXA's Norishige Kanai and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin and Anton Shkaplerov, were the contenders.

Russia Today reported that, "the ISS crew played a doubles badminton game as part of a project to showcase their life in zero gravity".

The astronauts taking on their opponents while handling the challenges of zero gravity in the intersteller.

"The outer space badminton game was "tantamount to placing a flag on Mars," said by Current ISS commander, Russian astronaut Alexander Misurkin.

On January 1st, Tuesday, the video of the match was released by the Russian space agency "Roscosmos" on their YouTube page.

On Tuesday, the National Badminton Federation of Russia announced that, "The score wasn't kept in the first match, so all athletes can be named the winners of the first historic match".

Here's the video of  360 degree version of the game.

In an earlier video, one of the badminton players, Russian astronaut Anton Shkaplerov demonstrated how to fly a vacuum cleaner in space. Anton Shkaplerov said he was asked by people if it was possible to fly a vacuum cleaner in zero gravity. On Twitter, for his followers, Anton posted a video of him successfully riding.

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