First State To Implement "State Water Policy" to ensure Water Conservation

First State To Implement "State Water Policy" to ensure Water Conservation

New Delhi: Water a resource as vast  & ubiquitous as air yet in some places as precious as oil, can be a rather difficult task to control and account for every drop of it. The central government might establish governing bodies for it and set-up think tanks for insight, unfortunately those efforts aren;t enough to tackle a problem consisting of 1.38 billion people.

The Meghalaya state government has set a foot in the right direction by establishing it's own state water policy. The policy will be implemented through active participation of the community. The state will constitute a water sanitation village council at village level for smooth implementation of the policy. The state policy outlines several measures like construction of check dams to conserve rain water, setting up of rainwater harvesting systems and ways to control improper use of ground water. The policy also suggests safety audit of state dams at periodic intervals by the Meghalaya State Dam Safety Organisation to identity the safety risks and mitigate the adverse impacts.

Meghalaya Water Policy aims to provide safe and hygienic water for various
purposes like drinking, domestic, sanitation and livelihood development.

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