Delhi: Police Forms Human Chain To Rescue A Couple From Fire

Delhi: Police Forms Human Chain To Rescue A Couple From Fire

Delhi: Police Forms Human Chain To Rescue A Couple From Fire

New Delhi: In New Delhi's Paharganj area, a couple was trapped in a building on fire. A dramatic rescue took place, to rescue the couple by the policemen. Delhi Police, formed a human chain to rescue, that was caught on camera.

Around 6 am, the fire broke out in the building's second floor of the building located in central Delhi's busy commercial area. The couple screamed for help from their second floor balcony.

The couple was spotted by three police constables, who ran to the building to help them. The cops, lowered a ladder from the fourth floor to reach the couple.

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A video is going viral on the internet that shows the policemen forming a chain to help the couple, the chains was dangerously close to the huge flames on the second floor.

It was reported that the fire was started on the first floor, which trapped the asleep resident on upper floors.

Since, the building was not easy to access, constables Manoj Kumar and Amit broke open the lock of the one next door, with the help of other policemen.

The woman was seen hanging from the grille of building's balcony.

"The staff without caring for their life, reached the balcony of the second floor, made a human chain to reach the parapet. The woman, who was about to fall down, was saved first and later her husband was also rescued in a similar fashion," said a police officer.

Another man, trapped in the fire got injured after jumping off to save himself. He is in hospital.

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