Congress Challenges Rejection Of Impeachment Move Against CJI

Congress Challenges Rejection Of Impeachment Move Against CJI

New Delhi: Congress has challenged Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu's decision to reject its impeachment move against Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra in the Supreme Court.

The decision is "illegal and arbitrary", said the Congress.

"None of the reasons given by the Chairman (Venkaiah Naidu)... carry any weight or are legally tenable. It deserves to be set aside for being wholly extraneous and ultra vires to the provisions of the constitution and the Inquiry Act," says the Congress petition.

Last month, a petition signed by over 60 parliamentarians called for Justice Misra's impeachment six months before he retires, on five specific charges.

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The motion "doesn't deserve to be admitted", Mr Naidu said, just three day after the opposition submitted the petition. "We cannot allow any of our pillars of governance to be weakened by any thought, word or action," said Mr Naidu, ascribing his quick decision to the severity of the charges directed at the Chief Justice. He also said there were unsubstantiated surmises and conjectures in the opposition's allegations.

The Constitution says the Chief Justice of India can be impeached only on grounds of proved misbehaviour or incapacity.

The opposition backed its demand listing five grounds, which, the Congress said, equals misbehaviour. These included the assigning of sensitive cases to handpicked judges, which was raised publicly in January by four top judges who accused the Chief Justice of abusing his position as "master of the roster".


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