Chief Justice Slams Media Says "You Think You Can Write Anything And Get Away?"

Chief Justice Slams Media Says "You Think You Can Write Anything And Get Away?"

New Delhi: Top Court Today cautioned electronic media and websites against baseless publications, containing insinuations, and added they should not feel like the "Pope sitting in the Pulpit".

During a hearing in the Supreme Court on a defamation suit by "The Wire", Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra today sharply criticised the electronic media, over a story on BJP president Amit Shah's son Jay Shah. "We respect freedom of the press but it has to act responsibly. Electronic media can't think they become Popes overnight," he said, asserting that he was speaking in general, not about the case.

The defamation case is now on hold by the Supreme Court, it takes up the case next on 12 April.

During the hearing, Justice Misra used strong words against the TV media.

"Many in electronic media think they can write anything. Whatever suits your imagination can you write anything and get away? Can some people sit on the pulpit and write anything? Is that journalism?" the Chief Justice said. He further added that while he was all for the freedom of press, "how can anyone start speaking anything about anyone? There are limits. How can you comment on anyone whatever you like?"

The Gujarat High Court had in January rejected the website's petition asking that the defamation case filed by Jay Shah for its report accusing him of corruption be cancelled. The court said based on initial impression, there was a case against Wire's reporter and editors. The court held that "the most disturbing part of the article", which can be "prima facie termed as defamatory", is linking the rise in Jay's firm's turnover with the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

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