Burglar Breaks Into A Car. Falls Asleep. Gets Arrested

Burglar Breaks Into A Car. Falls Asleep. Gets Arrested

Burglar Breaks Into A Car. Falls Asleep. Gets Arrested (Representational Image)

New Delhi: Life as a criminal is difficult, especially if you are dumb. And this thief is a prime example. This man broke into a car to steal things but ended up falling asleep and got arrested. Before making this dumb mistake, the man stole credit cards and IDs from eight cars, and in the end fell asleep in one of them.

The officers from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office recieved a call early on Tuesday about someone stealing from a car in the Tyson Woods neighbourhood of Acworth.

When the police came and searched the neighbourhood, they found a man sleeping inside a car. As per the car's owner, the man did not have permission to be in the car.

According to the Police, the not-so-smart criminal, named Timothy Zacharie, had stolen from eight cars in the neighbourhood before falling asleep in the car he was found in.

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The 23-year-old Timothy Zacharie was found inside the car with credit cards, cash, gift cards and IDs, reports AJC. The police took him into custody and charged him with eight counts of entering an auto, one count of burglary and violation of probation.

While this might sound like a really stupid mistake to make, this isn't the dumbest mistake that a felon had made. Earlier, a burgular who broke into a business with the intentions of robbery, ended up calling the emergency services because he could not figure out a way to get out.

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